What the child does

It’s wonderful to watch children make a drawing. They pick up a pencil or crayon and, without seeming to think, they start. Perhaps they are thinking and you don’t see it, but what you do see is how absorbed they are and how they concentrate. And then, in a few minutes it is done and their minds move on to something else. They don’t know the pain of the adult artist, whose work is never so easily and happily completed!



   What you do

The painting I create begins with a child’s drawing you have selected. Or I can create a painting that’s a composite, combining more than one of the child’s drawings. Or you can send me a number of drawings (the original(s) by mail, or scans by email), and I will select what I think will make a great painting. The drawing(s) should have been done with a pencil or crayon, and ideally on white paper. It (they) should not be painted on, or coloured in any way. If you have any special instructions, for example to tell me the colours that you’d like me to use, perhaps because of the colours in the room you’ll hang the painting, you can tell me. You can also tell me if there are any colours you don’t want me to use.


   What I do

When I receive a drawing I begin by scanning it to the size of the desired canvas. Then I study the child’s technique and their style. Do they draw slowly, or quickly? Are the lines thin or thick? Do they like precise detail or do they like to leave something to the imagination? Is their drawing figurative or abstract? How is their sense of proportion and perspective?  Then I paint.

I create two paintings. Then I email scans of the two paintings to you, and you choose which one you would like. If you like both, of course you can have both.