The artist Javier Atela turns a child’s drawing into a wonderful painting – creating a unique work of art for the family home

Beginning with a child’s drawing, small or big, abstract or figurative, Javier transforms their idea into a unique painting true to the child’s original style.

Tatler included Javier in its February 2016 list of sixteen must-haves. “You love your child’s drawings – but haven’t you always secretly wished that an amazing artist like Javier Atela could turn them into REAL works of art, using a size and colours you chose?”

Almost all children love to pick up a pencil, but their parents tend not to pay more than a few moments’ attention to what they’ve drawn. They do, however, save the drawings, because there’s something sacred about them.

Javier explains: “I ask parents to look again at these drawings. Even children not thought artistic can do something that makes a wonderful painting.

“When parents send me a drawing, or a selection of drawings, first I study the child’s technique. Do they draw slowly or quickly? Are the lines controlled and precise, or spontaneous and sweeping? Once I feel an affinity with their approach, I begin to paint.

“My paintings hang in homes in London, Madrid and Manhattan, and give families a very special pleasure. In time, the paintings will be an heirloom.”

Ideally the drawing(s) have been done when the child is between three and eight years old, because these are the years in which they draw with complete freedom and confidence, but the drawings don’t have to be contemporary, they can be from many years ago.

To create the painting, Javier prints a scan or photo of the pencil drawing(s) onto a canvas. Drawings tend to be small, but the client can specify any canvas size, and any colours they’d like used or avoided, perhaps because they have a particular place in mind for the painting. The painting can be based on one drawing, or part of one, or can be a composite of a number of drawings.

Javier Atela was born in 1957, and is Spanish. He studied Fine Art at Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid, and at the Scuola di Belli Arte in Rome. In Macerata in Italy he joined the artists, Centro Maesta. His work has been exhibited in Italy, Spain, the UK and the US.

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